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Changshu Weicheng nonwoven equipment Co., Ltd. began in 1990 is no textile machinery industry, large-scale backbone enterprises of our country, a long hot melt blanket production line, with independent research and development production capacity and no history of textile machinery products and experience, and modern sophisticated acupuncture leather fabric production line production and processing equipment, testing technology and advanced automotive interior non manufacturing cloth production line process. Enterprise covers an area of 3800m2, with more than 30 senior technical staff, the company adhering to the concept of science and technology as the driving force, has set up a technology research center and new product development center, for the development of enterprises laid a solid foundation of science and Technology...
  • FZ- car decorative cloth production line
  • Storage box
  • Fine opening
  • FZ- carpet acupuncture fleece production line
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Changshou City Wei Cheng nonwovens equipment Co., Ltd.
Mobile phone: 13913282901/13506230525 (Chen Jun)
Phone: 0512-52581266
Fax: 0512-52581232
Email: chenjun@chinaweicheng.cn
URL: www.cnfzz.com
Address: Changshou City branch Tang Ren Yang


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